God's Reliability

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God's Reliability

by Steve Price

It is an interesting and accurate thesis in that Satan has a strategy aimed to distort the faithfulness of God. I have seen such methodology in Genesis whereby Satan’s lies are all intended to imply God has ulterior motives rather than love for His creature. Such insinuations include the assumption that God is disinterested, too busy, cannot be trusted with everything, and (my own personal) favorite: Assuming God is “derelict in duty” when bad things occur,” which is my most prevalent reflex toward God when difficulties arise. All of these symptoms have the common cancerous gene of doubting the reliability of God.


Most recently, with my hospital dismissing their providers, I found myself falling prey to all such attitudes. At first I was more worried about what other’s thought of my performance as director than the direction of God in my life. I was then trusting my expertise to save our jobs and obtain a new Emergency Medicine market. I certainly had hesitancy to see this as the Lord’s good gift in light of all the disruption a job change would cause. I felt His command to be a self-denying disciple was too much; what about my family’s well-being? Surely God would want me to take care of my family, I thought. Left to this despair, I felt the Lord let me down and thus I was going through the motions of meeting with the elders, praying and preaching. O, how the Enemy can weave us into the chaotic mess of arguments which exalt themselves against the true knowledge of God (2 Cor. 10:4-5).

-- Steve Price served on the board of ECS Ministries for many years.

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