eCourses: Emmaus Courses on any device

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eCourses: Emmaus Courses on any device

We are excited to tell you that all our Emmaus courses are online and available at any time of day from anywhere in the world. We call them eCourses.

An Emmaus eCourse is a self-guided Bible study. The course includes not only the Bible commentary text, but also the exam with multiple-choice and short-answer questions that correspond to each chapter of the text. Included in the price of the eCourses is feedback and comments by real-life individuals (at no extra charge).

The eCourses have unique features such as online discussion boards using the world-famous What Do You Say?  questions. This is a safe place to interact over God’s word with others that have purchased the same eCourse.

Even all the Mile Markers  on the Emmaus Road  series are available at a discounted rate.

All courses include instant feedback after each exam, personal interaction with an instructor, and a certificate of completion. Students can mix online eCourses with traditional paper courses as records are kept on one unified transcript.

So go ahead—study, learn, and grow— anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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